Raspberry Pi model Pi Zero W based

up to 7h of battery life

bluetooth low energy (BLE)

equipped with high precision GPS MTK3339 (*)

high precision barometer, thermometer and altimeter Bosch BMP183

PiTFT 2.8" colour touch screen

easily editable layouts in YAML

(*) Work in progress.

Designed in FreeCAD. Coded in python3.

Open hardware and open software.

OCC screen 1 OCC screen 2 OCC screen 3

OCC screen 4 OCC screen 5 OCC screen 6

OCC screen 7 OCC screen 8 OCC screen 9

This is work in progress, so currently most of the info is hosted under other addresses:


Software documentation is here

Changelog v0.09:

- Change to notification system, code hardening and lot, lot of code cleaning

Changelog v0.08:

- Added slope calculation, new stats page, lot of code cleaning

Changelog v0.07:

- Added altitude calculation, BLE icon now shows number of connected bluetooth devices

Changelog v0.06:

- Added schematic (KiCad), multpile layout changes, code cleaning, fixed ghost click, bmp183 sensor activated

Changelog v0.05:

- pygame replaced with cairo and python-evdev, python3 migration, BLE connection hardening

Changelog v0.04:

- Convert config and layout files to yaml

Changelog v0.03:

- Add working BLE scanner / selector

Changelog v0.02:

- Lot of BLE changes, (heart rate sensor, icon showing connection states)

Changelog v0.01:

- BLE connectivity to speed & cadence sensor (initial version, hardcoded address)

- various bug fixes & code cleaning